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  • Here are three articles from Church magazines that show the church acknowledging that Moronoi’s promise is not perfect and that many with real intent don’t get answers to their sincere heart prayers. These articles show that many do not receive the promised spiritual experience or manifestation of the Holy Ghost. Maybe it’s just that the […]
  • Though Chelsea wasn’t a perfect example of a Mormon, she did hold herself to impossibly high standards, which eventually led her to therapy. Her journey away from the church began with unsettling experiences and growing doubts about church leadership and teachings. Despite her efforts to conform and push aside her feelings, Chelsea faced numerous instances […]
  • Many people who have left the church report still feeling the “spirit” just as they did when they were active members. This feeling is linked to a phenomenon called “Elevation Emotion,” which is well-researched and associated with positive emotions like gratitude and admiration. Researchers can reliably induce this feeling, often described as a warm sensation […]
  • LDS Apostle Mark E. Petersen, is known for his intolerance and prejudice. He gave a speech at BYU entitled Race Problems – As They Affect the Church in 1954. This talk is not included in the list of BYU Speeches, though they do include his earlier talks from 1953 entitled Tolerance and Chastity. This talk […]
  • Confirmation bias refers to the cognitive tendency of individuals to interpret or seek out information in a way that confirms their preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. When someone experiences confirmation bias, they are more likely to notice, remember, and give greater weight to information that supports their existing beliefs, while disregarding or downplaying evidence that contradicts […]
  • Despite being raised in the church, Frey couldn’t shake the sense that something wasn’t right. As they grappled with their faith, Frey went inactive multiple times, searching for answers to questions that remained unanswered or dismissed. As Frey embraced their identity as a queer individual, they confronted the stark reality of the church’s teachings on […]
  • In the Book of Mormon, Moroni offers a promise often cited by members of the LDS Church to confirm its truthfulness. This promise is foundational for many Mormons, providing a personal spiritual confirmation of the church’s teachings. Moroni encourages readers to ask God with a sincere heart and real intent if the Book of Mormon […]
  • Over time, the LDS Church’s perspective on homosexuality evolved from a stance of subdued disapproval to one of pronounced institutional homophobia. In the 1950s, church leaders increasingly characterized homosexuality as both a crime and a treatable mental disorder. In 1968, they further intensified their stance by including “homosexual acts” as grounds for excommunication, effectively aiming […]
  • As a teenager on the cusp of her senior year in high school, she found herself drawn to the teachings of the Mormon faith, intrigued by its promises of spiritual fulfillment and belonging. Despite initial skepticism, Nancy’s interest was piqued by Joseph Smith’s first vision, a story that resonated with her own quest for understanding […]
  • With every General Conference, President of the Church, Russell M. Nelson announces a list of new temples the church plans to build. These announced temples are often in early stages of development. They love to build these temples and there are likely multiple reasons for this. They are eager to show the church is growing. […]
  • Raised in a devout Mormon family in Utah, Olivia spent the better part of her life immersed in the teachings and traditions of the church. However, even from a young age, she found herself at odds with certain aspects of her faith, grappling with feelings of doubt and discontent. Despite her initial rebellion during her […]
  • Growing up in Utah within a devout Mormon family, Rosana inherited her parents’ beliefs but soon found herself grappling with the suffocating pressures of conformity and cultural expectations. Despite her upbringing in a community steeped in faith, Rosana’s experience with church rituals and teachings left her feeling disconnected and disillusioned. The rigid standards imposed by […]
  • Meet Savi, whose journey out of Mormonism was a profound exploration of self-liberation and authenticity. Raised in a devout Mormon family and entrenched in a community steeped in faith, Savi’s departure from the faith was driven by the suffocating pressure to conform to rigid religious standards and the toll it took on her mental and […]
  • Camille Johnson, Relief Society General President, made waves with a talk at the BYU Women’s Conference where she also talked about career, motherhood and following the living prophet. Her address is featured on the official Church instagram. She was born in 1962, earned her bachelor’s degree in 1985, married in 1987, and her law degree […]
  • One of the main messages from the church is that IF you feel a warm positive emotion, or feeling THEN you know what is being taught or said is true and from God. As long as the questions you ask align with the questions they want you to ask and your emotional response is what […]
  • Meet Fiona, an inquisitive and rational thinker who couldn’t help but question the narratives presented to her. Her journey out of Mormonism was driven by a thirst for truth and a refusal to accept the gaslighting that sought to control her. As she delved into the historical and doctrinal aspects of Mormonism, Fiona found herself […]
  • The Mormon church is famously (or infamously) known for not allowing or supporting same-sex relationships or marriages. There is a trail of history showing the church to be opposed to honoring same-sex couples in society. They vehemently opposed Prop 8, and mobilized membership to work on continuing to outlaw same-sex marriages in the state of […]
  • One of the foundational pillars of the church is the First Vision, in which Joseph Smith claims to have seen the Lord (or both God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ – depending on which of his accounts you read) while praying in the woods. There is an assumption in the church that […]
  • Heber C. Kimball Heber C. Kimball was a prominent figure in early Mormon history, known for his leadership roles within the Latter-day Saint movement. Born in 1801 in Vermont, Kimball became an early convert to Mormonism and played a significant role in its expansion and establishment. He was a close associate of Joseph Smith, and […]
  • The Church is built on specific claims. The church claims that Joseph Smith met God and Jesus, received ancient plates from an angel, translated them, and had priesthood authority restored by heavenly messengers. Church leaders even state that if the events didn’t occur, the church would fall apart. This is the danger in the church […]